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Case Studies

St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School: Experiences so far

At St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School, we wanted to enrich our curriculum and support young people who struggled developing positive relationships or who had displayed anxiety or low self-esteem in year 5 and 6.  However, we realised that with a group that required support socially and emotionally they also needed excellent peer role models so we chose 14 children to pilot the JASS Bronze award with during the summer term.

We have been working on the skills needed to evidence all...

Hornsea Primary School: "Chatterbox" Club

Last week we had a fantastic presentation evening for the 64 children in Years 5 and 6 who achieved bronze and silver JASS awards. They were all so proud of their achievements (as were the staff and parents).

A group of 8 children in school set up a journalism club called "chatterbox" as part of their awards which has been run by a lunch time supervisor over the year. They now have a monthly slot in our local community newspaper and have just produced their magazine/newspaper called...

Daniel Malcolm: Progressing from Bronze, to Silver, to Gold

Daniel worked through his JASS from Bronze through to Gold. Here are some of his reflections from the activities he completed across his JASS awards.


For the Me and My World Section (Bronze level) Daniel decided to collect food for a local foodbank.

“I am amazed at the amount of food people have given me for the St Vincent De Paul Foodbank. 

I am amazed at how generous people are.  My letter said if you were not going...

Clare Malcolm: A Parents Perspective of JASS

“I came across JASS on an internet search.  I wanted to be more involved in his preparation for transition into High School but I also knew I had to work with him to build his confidence, build his self-esteem and make him more resilient. When I looked at what JASS was about, I realised it has Daniel’s name written all over it.  Being active, being adventurous, trying new things, helping others, being involved in your community….this was just Daniel. It was perfect for him.


St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School – JASS Award

At St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School, we wanted to enrich our curriculum and  support young people who struggled developing positive relationships or who  had displayed anxiety or low self-esteem in year 5 and 6. However, we realised  that  with  a  group  that  required  support  socially  and  emotionally  they  also  needed excellent peer role models so we chose 14 children to pilot the JASS  Bronze award with during the summer term.

We have been working on the skills needed to...

The Water Run: ‘where water runs uphill for Africa’. From Marksbury Primary School, Bath

The Water Run:  ‘where water runs uphill for Africa’

Year 5 and 6 at Marksbury Primary School near Bath decided on planning their own community charity event as part of the Me and My World section of their Bronze award.  The event was to carry 10L containers of water up and down the hill in the village (known as the ‘dipper’) to raise money for Alive and Well a local charity that dig wells in Sierra Leone.

Below is some  information that was put...

Foodbank Collection

A great case study from ESMS in Edinburgh. "Why not organise a Foodbank collection?
Many people from all sorts of different backgrounds and walks of life need help from food banks from time to time.
To start with - design a leaflet. It should ask for donations, specify what foods the food banks need and when you will collect the donations (it could also contain some facts about food poverty and the work that food banks...

Picture Symbol JASS Folder and JASS Activities at Prospect Bank School

Prospect Bank School caters for primary age learners with complex, long term additional support needs. The needs of learners are primarily associated with learning disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Taking part in JASS  has encouraged the P7 pupils to try new activities and Kate Varona, Deputy Head, believes the official recogition they gain for doing things well is one of the main benefits of JASS.   

Stephanie Murray, Class Teacher, and Kate wanted to ensure the folder was as...

JASS and Outdoor Education at the Royal Blind School, Edinburgh

The Royal Blind School in Edinburgh provides education, care and support to pupils with visual impairment, including those who have additional support needs and those with complex multiple disabilities. Craig Lynagh and Caren Bryce, teachers in the PE and Outdoor Education Department, have used JASS as a tool to develop their outdoor education programme. 


Craig and Caren have developed an innovative orienteering programme which meets the needs of their pupils...

Inspiring Ideas from Balgreen Primary School

Alternative Adventure

Harlaw Resevoir

As an alternative to school camp Joanna Murray, Teacher, organised an adventure closer to home.   The group of P7s took the bus, then walked to Harlaw Resevoir, located in the Pentlands Regional Park.  The group  had a fantastic day exploring a wildlife garden, following a bio-...

St Augustine's R.C. High School

All the S2 pupils at St Augustine’s R.C. High School  have been taking part in JASS since August 2011, led by Sarah Murray, Guidance Teacher.   JASS is delivered  as part of a wider achievement period once a week.  Sarah believes “there is great scope for interdisciplinary learning  and meeting the goals of the Curriculum for Excellence  with JASS.   JASS has contributed to a culture of achieving and participating within the school”.

Adventure on Your Doorstep...

JASS at Balerno Community High School

Supporting Transitions

Balerno Community High School (BCHS) run a comprehensive transitions programme to support young people starting high school.   The feeder primary schools for BCHS all run JASS and the majority of the 125 S1 pupils have completed their Bronze and Silver JASS Award by the end of primary school, enabling them to start their Gold Award in S1. As a result JASS has become a key part of the transitions programme.


JASS at Pilrig Park School

At Pilrig Park Special Secondary School a broad and challenging curriculum based on the “Curriculum for Excellence” is offered to 80+ pupils from 12 – 18 years of age with moderate/complex learning needs and autism.

children dancingCatriona Ferguson, Art Teacher, has led the delivery of JASS at Pilrig Park and adapted it to...

JASS at Oaklands School

Oaklands School provides education for children and young people aged 3 to 18 years old with severe/profound and complex learning difficulties, including pupils with significant physical and sensory impairments.

Irene Scullion, Deputy Head Teacher, and Annette Irvine, Teacher, have led the delivery of JASS across the whole primary department since 2011.  They’ve found JASS to be a flexible and inclusive award and have adapted it to suit the needs of their pupils. Pupils complete two...

Outdoor Education Programme - Telford College / Currie Primary


Delivering CfE as people are always saying crosses many boundaries – many aspects of the four capacities are quite naturally incorporated into outdoor education and outdoor education is always a huge motivator for primary age children. The problem is however that an overarching curriculum design is fraught with problems. It’s easy to come up with ideas about developing fitness, working as a team, taking responsibility for safety, acting independently , reflecting on a...

Currie Community High School – Using senior pupils as JASS mentors

JASS has been running at CCHS since the pilot in 2010 for all S1 pupils at Gold level (an average of 130 pupils).

Currie lies to the SW of Edinburgh in the commuter suburban area and is largely modern family housing built up around the original 19th century mill village. The school has a strong sports club offering and a very good DofE programme that set the scene for the JASS award to be included in their wider achievement programme.  The largest intake is from Currie...

Tynecastle Community High School - 'Me and My World'

Developing Personalisation and Choice - The Tynecastle ‘Me and My World’ Programme.

A staff team of 6 headed up by the RME staff (Religious and Moral Education) run the JASS programme for S1 at Tynecastle High School. The team includes Art, Drama, CDT staff and Service Officers.

An ever growing list of external partner organisations have been sourced for the programme including Gorgie City Farm, Edinburgh Cat and Dog Home, Saughton Prison, B&Q (materials), local...

IDL (Interdisciplinary Learning) Organisation at Woodlands School

Interdisciplinary studies, based upon groupings of experiences and outcomes from within and across curriculum areas, can provide relevant, challenging and enjoyable learning experiences and stimulating contexts to meet the varied needs of children and young people.

Revisiting a concept or skill from different perspectives deepens understanding, and can also make the curriculum more coherent and meaningful from the learner's point of view.

Interdisciplinary studies can also...

Skills for Life and Work - Me and My World JASS Gold and Enterprise Skills - Woodlands School

JASS in Woodlands School, Edinburgh

Opened in April 2008, Woodlands is situated on a campus shared with Currie High School in the south west of Edinburgh. The school meets the additional support needs of secondary aged children and young people with significant and complex learning difficulties in the moderate to severe range.  Woodlands serves a wide area and has pupils travelling from all over Edinburgh and from East, Mid and West Lothian. The maximum school roll is 80. 


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