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Information for Participants


Welcome to JASS!

It's great that you are taking part in JASS. This page will give you a bit more information on JASS, but if you have any questions then please ask your mentor - they will be happy to help.


What do I do for JASS?

There are four sections in JASS.

Getting Ready:


Think about what you would like to do for your JASS and complete the planning page at the beginning of each section. Is the activity something that you do already and you want to improve on? For example, you are an excellent swimmer and can easily do twenty lengths at warm up. Could you challenge yourself to improve your stroke, increase your warm up to thirty lengths and improve your personal best swimming time?


Now it's time to think about what you need to do to complete this sections. Some questions to think about include:

1. What materials will I need?

2. Who will help me?

3. How am I going to evidence my activity?


Do you need to ask for permission or help from an adult? If you are not sure check first!


Collecting Evidence:

Once you have decided your activites for each section you will need to write them down in your JASS folder or online through e-Jass. As you take part in these activities remember to collect evidence such as pictures, notes, or a diary to show your mentor exactly what you have been up to. 



Once you have finished your JASS section you will be asked the following questions: How did you get on with the activity? What did you learn – about the activity and yourself? This is an opportunity for you to think and reflect on your experience.

There is also a section for your mentor / leader to leave a comment.

When you have completed the section let your mentor know and they will check it over before you receive your sectional certificate.

Finishing your JASS award:

When you have finished all four sections of your JASS award you will be presented with a JASS certificate and Pin Badge to wear with pride. Well Done! 

Remember there are three levels to complete so if you have completed your Bronze then why not ask if you can start your Silver or Gold JASS award?







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Who are FOTA?

The Junior Award Scheme for Schools (JASS & e-Jass) is owned and marketed by Friends of The Award in Edinburgh and the Lothians (FOTA) a registered charity (Charity No. SC027771) set up to support access for all young people to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award and The Junior Award Scheme for Schools. 

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