Junior Award Scheme for Schools

A world wide Accredited Learning Programme for young people. Recognising wider achievement.

Daniel worked through his JASS from Bronze through to Gold. Here are some of his reflections from the activities he completed across his JASS awards.


For the Me and My World Section (Bronze level) Daniel decided to collect food for a local foodbank.

“I am amazed at the amount of food people have given me for the St Vincent De Paul Foodbank.

I am amazed at how generous people are. My letter said if you were not going to be in then to leave the food on their doorstep, or deliver it to my house. I did not expect the amount of food I received.

People brought me into their house if they had forgotten and went through their own cupboards and gave me tins, packets and jars.

People left full shopping bags with food on their doorsteps. Two people left full bags on my doorstep just because they knew they would not be in.

People said “see you next week” when I was leaving.

I cannot believe how kind people are for those who are in need in our Community.

Sometimes I think people are just too busy and they forget about others and having someone to remind them means they will be more willing to give food to those in need.

I definitely think this is worth doing and it is something that I will continue to do to help people in our Community.

People are more likely to donate food if you chap their door and ask them.

I am now looking at the things people are giving me for the foodbank and trying to work out how many meals they can get, for example, spaghetti and pasta with tuna can be a lunch and a dinner. It has also made me realise I am lucky.

It was embarrassing to ask people for donations the first time but my mum and brother came with me, that was good because I could not have carried it all.

I think doing a simple thing like collecting the food has a massive benefit for the people who are in need in our Community.

I am so proud of myself.”

He also sang as part of a choir at Denny Christmas Fayre

“This was a little embarrassing because of the Scouts being there, some of them were laughing at me. I decided that I chose to be part of the choir and I was proud to be part of the choir. I enjoyed it too and know I made other people feel happy. This was a big step in building my confidence.”


This was a challenge for me and a challenge that I knew was going to be difficult for me too.

I love the water but I am not a strong swimmer, I can swim but I get tired quickly when I am swimming. I prefer to jump in, slash around, do somersaults and dive bomb.

2 days away from my family was tough but was definitely worth doing because I went outside my comfort zone, tried new activities and loved it.

When you go away with Scouts, you want to show that you can do things and that you are not scared to try things, I think that is the benefit of going with Scouts.

I kept thinking about what my mum had said and I realised that this was a great opportunity and I would regret it if I didn’t at least try things. Once I was in the water and I managed to kayak and paddle board, I loved it.

I threw myself into everything, I tried everything – even if I was a little scared, nervous and panicky. I think it is really important not to let your fear stop you from doing something, although it was a bit scary because I had not done it before, I was fine as there were instructors there to help, there were adults in the water too in case you got into difficulty. I knew I was completely safe if I followed the instructions and listened to the instructors.

I loved trying new things. I knew I was safe and secure and I think that is what made me try it.

I gained confidence because I tried it.

I was proud of myself, I want to do it again and cannot wait until we go to Lockerbie with the school so I can try even more new things.