Junior Award Scheme for Schools

A world wide Accredited Learning Programme for young people. Recognising wider achievement.

The Broughton UP programme is a targeted intervention aimed at improving outcomes for learners who have the potential to do well academically but they might be less inclined to apply for university for a number of reasons; financial, no one in their family has gone to University, low self-efficacy.

The programme was established in 2014 but it is only recently, and through the Pupil Equity Fund, that Broughton High School has been able to expand the programme to include younger pupils in S1 and S2. This year, a teacher will meet with the young people one period a week. Using JASS, to under pin all their activities they plan to take much of the stigma out of university. It is also hoped that by using JASS is will motivate and engage the young people to try new things and develop in a more holistic way. Another advantage of using JASS, award, with this group of young people is that it will act as a pre cursor for the Duke of Edinburgh Award as well as providing vocational experience.

These young people, using mind maps, have already started thinking about what they would like to do and achieve for their JASS award. Although JASS is a soft accreditation, all activities must have SMART objectives.

Introducing JASS into the Broughton UP Programme is an exciting development.

We look forward to learn how the programme goes.