Junior Award Scheme for Schools

A world wide Accredited Learning Programme for young people. Recognising wider achievement.

All the S2 pupils at St Augustine’s R.C. High School  have been taking part in JASS since August 2011, led by Sarah Murray, Guidance Teacher.   JASS is delivered  as part of a wider achievement period once a week.  Sarah believes “there is great scope for interdisciplinary learning  and meeting the goals of the Curriculum for Excellence  with JASS.   JASS has contributed to a culture of achieving and participating within the school”.
Adventure on Your Doorstep

The teachers at St Augustine’s overcame the challenge of having few resources, by organising an orienteering afternoon within the school grounds for the Adventure section of the award.

The aim of orienteering is to navigate, in sequence, to different control points that are located on a special course, using a specially drawn map.  Before the orienteering afternoon pupils carried out an “adventure planning unit” to find answers to the following questions;

  •    What do we need to know before starting?
  •     Equipment needed?
  •     Teamwork skills required?
  •     Risks/Dangers? What can we do to reduce them?
  •     How could the weather affect this activity?
  •     What will be the benefits of this activity for me?

Pupils carried out research on the Ordnance Survey website , downloaded a map of the school and learnt how to map read and navigate.   Following the orienteering afternoon they evaluated how they had got on.

Me and My World  

For Me and My World pupils took part in “Speak Up, Speak Out”  –  a campaign tackling prejudice and discrimination delivered in partnership with Lothian and Borders Police and Community Learning and Development West Edinburgh.  As well as workshops, projects and discussions, an exhibition exploring Anne Frank’s story and the history of the holocaust formed a key part of the campaign.  Pupils explored the relevance of the holocaust for people today, with two pupils from each S2 class guiding  pupils and visitors round the “Anne Frank:a History for Today” exhibition.

Pupils have also made links with their twinned school in Tanzania, writing postcards telling them about their life in Scotland and carrying out research into life in Tanzania.  They concluded this work by making a powerpoint presentation  of their findings.

Pupils make Christmas cards to send to children in Japan affected by the Tsunami.

Sarah Murray believes JASS motivates pupils, offers them the opportunity for new experiences and the chance to make new friends.  In addition, pupils  enjoy sharing with their key adult their achievements out of school and benefit from their achievements being recognised and recorded.