Junior Award Scheme for Schools

A world wide Accredited Learning Programme for young people. Recognising wider achievement.

The Royal Blind School in Edinburgh provides education, care and support to pupils with visual impairment, including those who have additional support needs and those with complex multiple disabilities. Craig Lynagh and Caren Bryce, teachers in the PE and Outdoor Education Department, have used JASS as a tool to develop their outdoor education programme.


Craig and Caren have developed an innovative orienteering programme which meets the needs of their pupils and challenges them in many different ways.  Orienteering has proven to be very popular with pupils and a great activity to do as part of school trips, in the school grounds and indoors.


  • Find locations using clues given on a map and describe them.


  • problem solving
  • communication
  • team work
  • designing maps and making up clues for other teams
  • understanding information and giving a response
  • understanding of north, south, east and west
  • improved physical fitness
  • learning about competitiveness and winning
  • achieving a target and gaining a sense of achievement.


  • map and pack of picture symbols with braille
  • giant compass
  • large print signs
  • bells  – to indicate to pupils they are close to the clues
  • finishing horn, flags, clappers and audio switch.

Top Tip

  • Have things to find early on to encourage pupils they are on the right track.

Pupils have also taken part in bush craft activities, cooked outdoors and camped in the school grounds overnight for their Adventure Section.