Junior Award Scheme for Schools

A world wide Accredited Learning Programme for young people. Recognising wider achievement.

Prospect Bank School caters for primary age learners with complex, long term additional support needs. The needs of learners are primarily associated with learning disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Taking part in JASS  has encouraged the P7 pupils to try new activities and Kate Varona, Deputy Head, believes the official recogition they gain for doing things well is one of the main benefits of JASS.

Stephanie Murray, Class Teacher, and Kate wanted to ensure the folder was as accessible  as possible for  their pupils  as they “love the folder and  having ownership and feel it is theirs.”  They have successfully adapted the JASS folder using Boardmaker, a design programme that enables teachers to make and adapt materials for pupils who use picture communication symbols.  Each section of the JASS folder utilises symbols and chat sheets to enable pupils to choose activities and talk about their feelings, their targets and what they’ve learnt.


Please contact us if you’d like to find out more about the JASS folder in Boardmaker.

Partnerships and JASS

Neighbours Near and Far

Prospect Bank run an innovative Neighbours Near and Far project.  This year  Dancebase (National Centre for Dance in Edinburgh) worked with  pupils on this theme to  divise an audience participation dance. Senior citizens from the local community were invited to the school for a fun afternoon of singing and dancing.  Aswell as taking part in the singing and dancing, pupils took responsibility for getting tables organised, baking for the event and greeting visitors.

There was no cost attached to this project for the school.

Sports Lunchtime Club

Prospect Bank have established a mutually beneficial partnership with Telford College.  Students from the college run a lunchtime club offering lots of different sports activities adapted to pupils needs. Kate believes pupils  really benefit from being taught by students from outwith the school , as they are more likely to try new activities.  The club also gives pupils the opportunity to manage with different people in different situations.

No cost attached to this partnership.

Secret Garden Allotments

The school have made links with their local community via the Lochend Secret Garden community led project.  Pupils help maintain the allotments with support from the local community.

School Camp

Prospect Bank work closely with their local primary school Towerbank. Classes do activities in each others schools and the P7s attend a camp at Benmore  for their Adventure along with pupils from Towerbank.