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A great case study from ESMS in Edinburgh. Why not organise a Foodbank collection?

Many people from all sorts of different backgrounds and walks of life need help from food banks from time to time.

To start with – design a leaflet. It should ask for donations, specify what foods the food banks need and when you will collect the donations (it could also contain some facts about food poverty and the work that food banks do). Next deliver your leaflet to houses in your neighbourhood. Once you have collected your donations, all you need to do is transport all the donations to your local foodbank, ready to help feed local people and families in need.

You could also contact your local food bank to see whether they are doing any supermarket collections that you might be able to help with.

“We had an overwhelming response – people we did not know left carried bags full of food outside their doors even if they were not going to be in. We then transported it to the food bank who were thrilled with the donations.” Thanks to Shona McLean for letting us know.